Our Story

The Loveism story begins over a decade ago, when our founder, Hec One, began a one-man Loveism Mural Campaign. He wasn't quite sure why he was doing it; he just knew he had to. Soon after he started designing and selling Loveism t-shirts (printed by his Miami graffiti writer friends) out of the back of his truck while painting in the arts district. Along the way, he realized that idealism alone could only take Loveism so far. If his dream to paint Loveism Murals all around the world was to ever have a chance of becoming true, he would have to significantly scale up the Loveism Brand online. 

Commerce with a Conscience.

Hec is a firm believer in karma so he insists all our products are made to the highest quality possible, as sustainable and with as much transparency as possible. We refuse to produce products of inferior quality or cut ethical corners to lower our costs, to us that means no sweatshops and eco friendly. 

We are all the same, we all desire quality, we all feel comforted by a premium quality super-soft tee or hoodie, when Hec sources and designs our products he is thinking in terms of his own personal standards... if its not good enough for him, his fam and his friends, its not good enough for our customers.

We are a just getting started here but we have big plans and we care a lot. About our customers, about our employees, our partners, our planet. Around the office we have a saying which has become our unofficial brand mission, "lets un-f*ck the world" and so look for up-coming announcements from us as to how we plan to specifically do that, we can say that we are particularly concerned with environmental causes and plan to focus there. Stay tuned!

We intend to mix our brand with art because art and design is in our dna, its what makes us unique and we love being a different kind of brand. Hec, our founder, will always be an artist, that's where his journey began. He believes his mission remains to spread the Loveism idea through his art and now his brand. He believes his most lasting legacy will be his Loveism Murals and that remains his highest priority. When you order anything from this site, you are enlisting in that mission, you are becoming another soldier of the Loveism Army. 

Join The Movement!

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